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Once again Nineveh Shadrach has provided us with an informative report, this time on the Shemhamemphorash. In his usual friendly and brilliant manner, he presents the ancient wisdom in a sagely conversation filled with his personality and light, rather than the dull, dead letters of so many reference books. I highly recommend it. Is the Advanced Magic of the Shem ha Mephorash suited for beginners?

Yes, it is an excellent starting point for beginners. The materials begin with the important fundamentals and cover rarely revealed techniques and principals, before presenting the advanced magical methods. This is a different kind of manual and not a rehash of well known materials. You will be able to tap into the source power of the names and then summon to help you hundreds of angelic and djinn beings. I heard that the angels of the Shem are dangerous to work with.

Is this true? There is no disputing the angels of these names are very powerful. This is why it is important to have the right methods for a safe experience. There is some speculation that negative results where due to the unintentional mistake of using demonic seals as angelic ones. This is why the right guidance is essential to getting the best and safest results every time.

Do you teach how to use the Shem Angels to control and bind Goetic spirits? There is no genuine connection between the Shem names and the Goetia Grimoire. Authors have tried to paint that connection because there are 72 names and 72 demons. How did you end up with ? The system of Shem ha Mephorash is based on literal Kabbalah. There are very specific methods used in the art of literal Kabbalah.Ancient tannaitic name of the Tetragrammaton. In the old exegesis of Num. In the tannaitic halakah, in the first place, this designation of the Tetragrammaton is found, as already stated, in the note on Num.

Yoma 39b. Yoma 40b that in former times the high priest uttered the Name with a loud voice, but that subsequently, when immorality had become more and more prevalent, he lowered his voice lest the Name should be heard by those unworthy to hear it. The mishnah Berakot, end mentions also an utterance of the Tetragrammaton outside the Sanctuary which was permitted and even commanded, saying that "it was ordained that the name of God should be used in the ordinary forms of greeting, which were the same as those exchanged between Boaz and the reapers [Ruth ii.

A haggadist of the third century, Abba bar Kahana, states Midr. Sifra, Emor, xix. Weiss, p. These details indicate that the long-sanctioned dread of uttering the Shem ha-Meforash was by no means without exceptions, and that the correct pronunciation was not unknown. Abba Saul 2d cent.

shem ha mephorash

Zarah 17b, one of the martyrs of Hadrian's time, Hananiah b. Teradion, was burned at the stake because he so uttered the Name. It is related that in the fourth century the well-known haggadist Phinehas b. Yoma 40dwhile another scholar of the same century offered to "transmit the Name" to the amora R. The curious anecdote is also told ib. According to Josephus' paraphrase of Ex. Since, therefore, he could not give an exact rendering he introduced the word bodily into his translation, writing it IIIIII, a form which is found in the Hexaplar manuscripts of the Septuagint and is the representation in the Greek alphabet of the letters of read from left to right see Swete, "Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek," p.

shem ha mephorash

The prohibition against pronouncing the Tetragrammatonas written was based on Ex. This seems to be an old tannaitic midrash on Ex. In like manner the words Ex. In his interpretation of the latter passage, Ahabah b. Ze'era 4th cent. Thus, R. Nehemiah says that Moses killed the Egyptian Ex. Hallel, in Jellinek, "B. Sinai on which the Shem ha-Meforash was engraved Cant. The "weapons of war" mentioned in Jer. Shemu'el xv. Phinehas b. Jair, one of the last tannaim, asked the question: "Why are the prayers of Israel not heard?

Pedat, the expression "halleluyah" Ps. In interpreting "and his name one" Zech.Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

The album is a cohesive, dark, and theatrical release, with smooth transitions from track to tracks and many quiet interludes. Mephorash keeps the listener engaged by hypnotizing us with eerie passages where only one instruments plays, sometimes with chanting or vocals in the back. Each of these entrancing sections is crowned by a payoff, when the band returns to sheer black metal savagery. Though the album feels like one long ritual, each song remains distinct, with a well-defined vision and many unique details along the way to keep things tight and refreshing.

King of Kings, Lord of Lords features a fantastically gruesome vocal interlude. Chant of Golgotha lives up to its name with a driving chorus that reaches slightly further every time.

Epitome I brings speed and aggression at intensities not yet heard on the album. My personal favorite track, Sanguinem, is a slower track that gradually transforms into a behemoth composed of many layers and melodies. Though I personally find Epitome II to fall a bit short in creativity, it still suits the album as a whole and serves as a good bridge to the triumphant Relics of Elohim. Relics is the shortest track and makes excellent use of its runtime with a wonderful pairing of fast riffs with slower vocal tempos.

The eponymous track of the album is also the last one, and it clocks in at over 15 minutes in length. It makes excellent use of that time by patiently climbing towards an apex that evokes a Lovecraftian horror and madness, before slowly guiding the listener back down with rich, slow chanting to close the album.

It is rare that I find an album that completely captivates me, but I have listened to Shem Ha Mephorash dozens of times since I stumbled upon it last week.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If you like your metal dramatic, theatrical, and ritualistic, then this release is for you. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from Shem Ha Mephorash Mephorash. Write your own review.One of the most significant words in Kabbalah is the ineffable name for god, Yod, He, Vav, Heknown as the Tetragrammaton. God then gave the Hebrew alphabet to the angels, who in turn gave it to Adam.

Kabbalists use this system to find hidden meaning in Torah passages. They take the Hebrew word or bible verse and calculate its numerical value. Then they find other words and passages with the same numerical value and look for connections. By tradition, the actual pronunciation of this name — called the Shem haMephorash, or the name by which God identified himself to Moses at the burning bush — was lost when the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 CE. If anyone else spoke the name, they would die, as he would if he mispronounced it.

So, Kabbalists of the 13th century and beyond used Gematria in attempt to re-discover this true name of God. Having this number, 72, Kabbalists turned to the Torah, scanning the 5 books for anything that might add up to They found 3 verses, which happened to be consecutive — Exodus 14 verses 19, 20, and They then put the 3 verses on top of one another in Hebrew and each of the 72 columns of 3 letters became one of the 72 names of God.

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They added an angellic suffix to each — either IH meaning an angel of mercy or AL meaning an angel of judgment — and thus ended up with the 72 angels. Of course, the associations go on and on, so DuQuette provided readers this nifty chart that incorporates everything together. They came to be associated because each is associated with a zodiac sign, as is each of the angels… put the two together and you have the nifty chart listed above. Close Search this website What is Demonology?

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How To Study Religion. We use cookies to make sure you have the best experience on our website. Necessary Always Enabled.It can also be interpreted as the term for Christian God. While in Miku's body, Shem-Ha wears her hair down, without a ribbon like Miku does, and her eyes become purple with glowing red rings on the inner edge of the iris. Shem-Ha wears a fitting black-and-purple dress, with a white long cravat-like accessory on her chest.

After her death in prehistoric times, Shem-Ha's body and vambrace was sealed in a coffin deep under Lake Vostok in Antartica. The coffin was a facility equipped with high defensive capabilities that drove off anyone who would approach it; from this fact, it is speculated that the revival of Shem-Ha is something that should have been prevented.

Originally found buried in Lake Vostokand guarded by a weaponized robotic coffin, the mummified corpse of Shem-Ha was recovered by S. It was taken by the Americans to the Los Alamos National Laboratory for examination, however, the corpse was accidentally destroyed during scanning and the vambrace on it's right arm was all that remained.

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Using Miku Kohinata as vessel it was planned for her to absorb to Divine Power generated by the vambrace, but instead the power absorbed Miku and revived the ancient Shem-Ha in her body. Though Shem-Ha immediately killed them upon awakening, she nonetheless revived Noble Red and changed their bodies into perfect monster forms, then enlisted them into fulfilling her plans, informing them of her plan to return the world to the way it was years ago.

Shem haMephorash: The Ineffable Name for God in Kabbalistic Traditions

As Maria retreats, Shem-Ha summons Yggdrasil and explains her confusion at humanity attempting to flee when the Yggdrasil system towers over the Earth. Shem-Ha describes herself as "words themselves".

Shem-Ha has shown to be able to possess individuals who absorb the power generated by the vambrace. The vambrace is able to fire beams of light capable of piercing through and slicing targets, such as easily bisecting Millaarc and Elsaand decapitating Vanessa.

Silver Transmutation : By using Outer Physics, Shem-Ha have the ability to rewrite molecular structures and transmute matter into silver.

shem ha mephorash

She also able to fire energy beams. Revival and Regeneration : Shem-Ha has displayed the ability to kill, revive, and change the physical makeup of people. In the case of Noble Red, Shem-Ha made them "complete monsters", removing their need to rely on Panacea Formula to live and use their abilities.

She also has the same defensive ability displayed by the prototype Yohualtepuztli and Divine Weaponwhich negates damage done to her by sacrificing one version of herself in a parallel universe. Enhancement : Shem-Ha was able to instantly enhance Noble Reds' Teleport Gemsgiving them a golden shine and the ability to teleport the user from Earth to the Moon. Yggdrasil System : Shem-Ha have the ability to hack into Yggdrasil System and reconstruct it so that she can modifying the planetary environment of the world.

Add an image. It was created not to be a combat weapon, but to help restrain and control Shem-Ha. Her Silver Transmutation become much more destructive to the point that Carol have to rely on her Golden Transmutation to block Shem-Ha's beam.

The deflected silver beam hit the surroundings of the battle field and turn them into silver. In this form, Shem-Ha's destructive powers are at their peak, allowing her to shoot highly dense purifying ray. Likewise the beast itself is nigh-indestructible, requiring the combined power of all six Burning X-Drive Symphogear users and Carol into a single point to actually break it down. Hornet-like Monster : Using Deus ex Machina's power, Shem-Ha created hundreds of hornet-like monster that able to shoot red beam similar to the precursor civilization monster in Antarctica and Lunar Ruins that shoot green beam.

Add an image Curse of Balal as terrible. Sign In Don't have an account?Note: there exist also completely different interpretations of the two additions -El and -Yah as this one presented by Agrippa; cf. There is a problem with the way one have to pronounce the names as in Hebrew there are Vowel Points instead of letters for the preannounce the word, another problem came from the fact that there are some letters that aren't exist in Latin or English.

This fact is the cause of many way in writing the names in other languages than Hebrew! The shapes, sounds, sequences, and vibrations of the 72 names radiate a wide range of energy forces. The Light they emit purifies our hearts. Their spiritual influence cleanses destructive impulses from our natures.

Their sacred energy removes rash and intolerant emotions, fear, and anxiety from our beings. The Hebrew letters are instruments of power.

Tetragrammaton ┊ Shem HaMephoresh

The Hebrew alphabet transcends religion, race, geography, and the very concept of language. The three letters signify three spiritual forces—a positive charge, a negative charge, and a ground wire—to create a circuit of energy. The combination of the principle of five with the principle of trinity now applies to the 72 Genii or Names or angels of God. These 72 Names are composed in the original Hebrew Kabbalah of three letters, to which either the power attribute -el or -iah is added, to create a five-lettered Name of God.

Thinking in the terms of Bardon's system we could assume speculativelythat El God power is a representation of the electric fluid and -iah God mercy represents the magnetic fluid, adding the two fundamental powers to the qualities of each single name. One further indication that this concept could be true is that the Bahir see paragraph 8 of the Bahir and Kaplan's commentary states, that the letter "He" at the end of a word means the feminine quality of this thing, so we could say that the Yod of -yah reflects God represented by a single point: Yod in his feminine aspect represented by He at the end of the word.

Additionally He represents the concept of holding. Both concepts parallel very well the concept of the magnetic fluid. From the Bahir. In paragraph the Bahir states about the 72 Names: " These are the 72 names. They emanate and divide themselves into three sections, 24 to eachsection. Each sections has four directions to watch, east, west, north and south.

Shem-Ha Mephorash

They are therefore distributed, six to each direction. It is the vernal equinox spring equinox, March equinox, or northward equinox from mars deferent from year to year, it is the moment when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading northward. It is the precise moment that spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. From the bible " Let this month be to you the first of months, the first month of the year. The 72 angels coresponding to the astrologic signs:.

Combining the two tables would create a French school alternative to the Golden Dawntable. If we want to call for example angel no. If we want to establish a contact or get in resonance with one of these entities we must face the appropriate direction. With the help of an ephemeris you should by now be able to calculate the precise direction.

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Especially favorable would be those days of the year, which correspond to the angels. Here are 3 versions of the 72 names in English letters. Sources: Bardon - Agrippa - Abulafia. In Athanasius Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus there's a table of the 72 names and an appropriate verse from the book of Psalms for each of them, except for the 70th name, which is given the first verse from Genesis. The 70th name is given the first verse from Genesis, which does not contain the 4 letters name of God, but does contain the three letters of the 70th name.

Angels - Demons Letters Decan:. H Peterson : Liber Juratus. Thes are the angels that beare the great name of god called in the hebrewe tunge schemhamphoras:. Newer posts Older Posts.Kabbalah Codes. What is the Shem Ha-Meforash? The "fold Name" is one of the most common variants, which is highly important to Sefer Raziel. It is derived from Exodusread boustrophedonically to produce 72 Names of three letters. This method was explained by Rashi, b.

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Sukkah 45a. In particular, we take the first letter from the first verse, the last letter from the second verse, and again the first letter of the third verse. This gives the first Holy Name from the We proceed the same way to obtain the other names. We take the second letter from the first verse, the second last letter from the second verse, and the first letter from the third verse.

Thus, we have the second Name, and so on, until we have all Those three verses contain exactly 72 letters each. Therefore, we obtain a perfect result. Kabbalist legends state that the fold name was used by Moses to cross the Red Sea, and that it can grant later holymen the power to control demons, heal the sick, prevent natural disasters, and even kill enemies.

The recitation of this name should also allow to go through every difficult situation in life, connect to the Lord and obtain the needed heavenly help. It works on the environment around us and also inside of us, to wih our fears and make us a better person.

What is the difference between Divine Name, Angel, and Demon? According to the kabbalistic tradition, the 72 lettered-Name was just 72 Named of the Lord. Further speculation, brought to add a suffix, to make an Angel our of the Name. The original author assigned randomly either " Yah " Lord or " El " God as suffix, but he stated that any of the two can be used.

Tradition, later, used only one of them. We give the names according to tradition. However, the reader is free to experiment and use also the other suffix, according to that which he wants to obtain. Yah has spiritual properties, brings enlightenment, freedom, action, while El defines a situation, materializes, arrests robbers, etc.

Demons are a later addition that comes from magical sources. By a careful examination of their names, it is clear that they were transposed into Hebrew just per chance, but they are neither Hebrew names nor part of this tradition. We give them here just for sake of completeness, so that the reader can see the errors to avoid.

Why to you put angelic seals in the demon section? In the demon section, the reader will find seals. Currently, those seals from magical sources are referred to as angelic seals. However, this is a mistake. Angelic seals use angelic languages, which are completely different, and no angelic seal of the 72 was given in history.